August 2021 Notice: During a special Board of Selectmen meeting on Monday several landlords, merchants and members of the Greenwich Property Owners Association turned out to give feedback on the changes to the Greenwich Avenue streetscape, including bump outs and their impact on parking.Click for GFP article.


 ​Greenwich Town Hall​​​

The preservation of Greenwich Property Values through reasonable, intelligent and appropriate land use.

Residential & Commercial Interests

An honest discourse on Greenwich spending, op-ed by John Lucarelli, GPOA President. Many in town were outraged at Town Assessor Lauren Elliot's to read

​​​ Waterfront Business Zones Current WB regulations are severely restrictive de-valuing waterfront property and making re-development economically unfeasible. A study was prepared to look at the different waterfront areas and try to strike a balance between water dependent uses, public access and other uses that can add to the vibrancy of our commercial waterfront areas.

Historic District Commission has been working with the Greenwich Preservation Trust to develop Zoning Regulations that would provide incentives for owners of properties that contribute to our historic resources and the character of the Town. Homes that qualify, may be eligible for use and possibly FAR incentives, that would lead to more preservation and less demolition.

GPOA was established by Greenwich residents. We are your neighbors, business and property owners with an interest in protecting our Town's property values. The Greenwich Property Owners Association is a non profit group organized to develop awareness and take action on decisions being made at Town Hall which effect businesses, residential and commercial  properties.

Amendment to the Grade Plane Regulations by P&Z Commission

Proposed regulations can be reviewed by clicking here.

​​​​FAR, Grade Plane and Attic regulation changes history: